Building Your Own Home - Kitchen First

Some may consider it to be putting the cart before the horse but having your kitchen designed before your house could help to deliver an opportunity that is simply too good to miss?

Okay, so it’s not an opportunity that presents itself to everyone but building your own home and being involved in the entire design process from a blank page position is still incredibly popular in the UK and Ireland and with economic optimism growing the number of new one off property developments is set to steadily increase.


In all too many cases clients follow the traditional route, engaging an architect in order to develop the plans for their new home.  This is a practical process as it allows outline house plans to be developed in order to obtain planning permission; but once planning permission has been obtained it can be costly and time consuming to change the house design in order to achieve the kitchen of your dreams.

Kitchen design is now evolving at an incredibly fast pace with good designers considering many elements and processes beyond the kitchen cabinetry itself.  Consideration of spatial flow, sightlines, ergonomics and anthropometrics help a kitchen design to be developed around the needs of the user, and if this is allowed to develop without any architectural limitation the design and money saving options can be endless.

By having your kitchen pre-designed you are affording yourself greater control over the cabinetry options available to you allowing standard modular cabinetry and door sizes to be specified which will ultimately help to keep the costs in check.  If your kitchen design is considered early enough in the planning stage it could replace physical and restrictive architectural features, becoming a more fluid and un-restrictive mechanism for social and functional separation.  Carefully designed and considered cabinetry installations can allow spatial sight lines and approaches to be restricted or dissolved which potentially removes the need for permanent and potentially restrictive internal walls.  This idea can help future proof an open plan kitchen and living space providing a flexible space that is more easily adjustable in the future.

It is widely accepted that we all have a certain connection with the architecture in which we reside but it could be argued that the most potent emotional connection comes from the objects and furniture that play an interactive and tactile part in our everyday lives. 

The kitchen you own can become the back drop to your home life, a stage that regularly becomes animated by the people and personalities living within a space.  The kitchens emotional connection can be deep rooted and subconscious allowing memories to be formed and subsequently triggered by any of our senses.  It is therefore essential that this dramatic and holistic impact is harnessed properly in the planning stages of any project.


The modern kitchen has evolved beyond its primary functional purpose and has allowed itself to become immersed within an adaptive and flexible living environment.  The introduction of technology, lighting and shape shifting elements has allowed the modern kitchen to become a design influencer, providing inspiration throughout the entire habitable space in which we live.  It is therefore crucial that architects and clients unlock the functional, social and emotional potential of the kitchen in the early stages of a projects development as doing this will ensure that expectations are exceeded and disappointment is avoided.