Contemporary Kitchen Design with Classical Influence

This kitchen design embodies the classical contemporary style.  It is a perfect example of how individuals can find balance between a crisp, contemporary kitchen design and something that offers some serious style stamina! 

Contemporary European kitchen design is perceived by many as the only stylistic choice for fashion conscious clientele but to some this kitchen design genre lacks the soul needed to last the test of time.  The persistent conflict between on point style choices and design longevity means that many clients want to tone down the minimalist drama and install a bespoke kitchen that offers more universal appeal. 

This kitchen design provides the perfect balance by delivering contemporary charm and design longevity in equal measure. The doors have a simple painted profile that gives the design very classical roots, even the format of the tall units on the back wall lend themselves to a more classically English style but there are many contemporary kitchen design features here too.  

The asymmetrical format of units and open shelves over the cooker, the pocket door system integrated into the larder, the waterfall worktop that hugs the base units and the funky kitchen island design all scream trendy kitchen at the viewer.  The island is brilliantly simple providing a cantilevered seating area and an open self complete with a clever sliding door system that conceals all cooking activity from visiting dinner guests.

This kitchen design is a perfect example of how fashionable tastes can be satisfied without alienating more conservative thinkers.