Division can create conflict, an abrasive tension that can pollute an environment leaving it unwelcoming and toxic.  For years the kitchen and those who design it have struggled with oppression being locked in a conflict that somehow enslaved the kitchen within an inherited world of architectural self righteousness and design ignorance.  Isolated and imprisoned this timid design creature has struggled with its own identity, finding it difficult to look at itself in the mirror and express itself properly to the custodians of design who ultimately had the power to unlock the door of influence and respect.

The WOW Maker

Upon entering the kitchen with your guests you hold your breath, a technique you have learned over the last number of weeks which enables you to detect subtle, barely audible gasps of delight.  You know that this human response was top of your list when you briefed your kitchen designer and you are now beginning to acknowledge that the visual stimulators being given off by your kitchen are powerfully achieving the desired “Wow Effect”!

Let Hope Define Design!

I like many understand the power of hope and the bitterness of disappointment.  The everyday exchanges that make up our lives are potentially loaded with both these emotions.  But no matter how proactive we are in trying to protect our hope from disappointment, inevitably sometimes our valiant efforts are unsuccessful! The funny thing about hope is that you only experience it when looking forward while disappointment always occurs in the present or past.  It therefore seems appropriate as we approach the end of 2011 to consider the impact of both disappointment and hope upon the kitchen industry.

The Narcissistic Kitchen – in praise of Aster Cucine

The primary function of the kitchen stretches back to the dawn of humanity when primitive communities gathered around fires to consume the spoils of their hunt.   Throughout the millennia the basic need to prepare and eat food encouraged the development of a cooking space we now call the kitchen.

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