Functional Saviour of Chaos

The wipers scrape across the car windscreen revealing a gloomy vision of grid lock reaching far towards the horizon.  The kids in the back seat begin to become stressed with the delay and their playful whispers and giggles change to crescendo of screaming and crying.  You should have known that this was going to happen weeks ago when your brainwave struck, but then having a dinner party always seems like a good idea at the time.

Apocalyptic self destruction of the KBB industry

As the clock slowly ticks by and your once steaming coffee begins to get cold you can hardly disguise your anticipation, because this morning you are having your new kitchen fitted.  Then slowly in the distance you see a lorry turn the corner.  Inside this delivery truck is months of thought, planning and anticipation; a quiet voice in the back of your head asks; “I hope it looks okay” but you find reassurance in knowing that the designer you worked with was a professional, inspiring you and offering quiet reassuring confidence in equal measure.  So how is it that in the past so many kitchen and bathroom designers have been under appreciated and overlooked by clients, other design professionals and even the very industry in which they work?  But is this historical undervaluation of good design now turning the corner?

The Childs Play – Psychology of Kitchen Design

As a boy my Mother used to collect me from school and every day we walked past the toy shop.  Every day I remember looking through the window at all the wonderful toys and wishing I could take them all home.  There was one particular toy that I liked above all the others and that was a model truck with a fuel tanker on the back.  It was red and had a long bonnet (hood) like the trucks in America and it said Texaco on the side.  I really loved that truck!  One evening I recall my Father coming home from work and smiling at my Mother, he reached into a bag and pulled out the toy truck that I had wanted for so long.  Writing about it now actually gives me goose bumps because I remember the excitement and joy of this unexpected gift.  I went to bed that night hoping that the morning would arrive quickly so that I could play with my new toy and show if off to my friends.

Loving Your Kitchen: Darren Morgan’s reply to Johnny Grey

Do you ever notice when you love someone you can sometimes take them for granted, it’s not because you intentionally do it; it’s just human nature.  However if you were to remove the person you love from your life you will suddenly notice a huge gaping void that cannot be filled.  You will find yourself thinking about occasions and conversations where you laughed, cried and shared glances, unspoken moments that conveyed love and respect.  On many occasions these intimate dramas took place on a personal stage surrounded by a kitchen set.

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