Functional Future

The humble handle gets a bit of a raw deal when it comes to kitchen design only becoming a defining feature once it has been removed from a design!  It is as though we have become so immune to handle design that we only begin to notice its influence when it’s no longer there. 

To Design

To design is to imagine beyond what is already available, to create something unique that has a purpose or solves a problem.  To design is to create something beautiful that has been subjectively sculpted from experience and a desire to enrich the lives of those occupying the world around us.

The Butterfly Effect

The modern World can deliver choice at the touch of a button providing an endless amount of fathomless information that can sifted though and considered by any wannabe kitchen shopper.  The kitchen showroom of today is now spilling out of the high street and is rocketing down the information super highway at breakneck speed.  So finding the perfect kitchen in a World that is suffering from information overload and in an industry which is sales volume driven can be seen as a daunting task.  Finding clarity and direction is paramount to the success of your project as the choices you end up making will have a profound effect on your life.

Building Your Own Home - Kitchen First

Some may consider it to be putting the cart before the horse but having your kitchen designed before your house could help to deliver an opportunity that is simply too good to miss?

Okay, so it’s not an opportunity that presents itself to everyone but building your own home and being involved in the entire design process from a blank page position is still incredibly popular in the UK and Ireland and with economic optimism growing the number of new one off property developments is set to steadily increase.

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