Design Extinction! Kitchen Design musings

Can you imagine a world in which the kitchen did not exist?  Immediately you may question the ability to erase thousands of years of culinary and functional development.  The ergonomic and social evolution of the kitchen has undoubtedly helped to shape our cultural infrastructure, so it would be difficult to imagine our world remaining unchanged without the social support structure that the kitchen offers us.

Kitchen Design Prospector

It is widely accepted that buying a new kitchen can be a very personal experience presenting many kitchen shoppers with a rare opportunity to explore their deepest artistic and stylistic desires whilst allowing them to carrying out an in-depth analysis of their home and family life! 

But not every kitchen is for keeps and while many kitchen shoppers may be tempted to stamp their own style and functional preferences onto their new kitchen some enter the process with their eye on the future, designing a kitchen for now with the intention of making it into a unique selling point for future home buyers.  Enter the kitchen design prospector!

Luxury Kitchen Design

The term luxury can mean many things too many people but in general it represents something that is aspirational and desirable.  A luxury product can display qualities that enhance pleasure whilst allowing a unique level of personal indulgence that helps to re-enforce self image and social position.


Contemporary Kitchen Design with Classical Influence

This kitchen design embodies the classical contemporary style.  It is a perfect example of how individuals can find balance between a crisp, contemporary kitchen design and something that offers some serious style stamina! 

Contemporary European kitchen design is perceived by many as the only stylistic choice for fashion conscious clientele but to some this kitchen design genre lacks the soul needed to last the test of time.  The persistent conflict between on point style choices and design longevity means that many clients want to tone down the minimalist drama and install a bespoke kitchen that offers more universal appeal. 

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