Functional Future

The humble handle gets a bit of a raw deal when it comes to kitchen design only becoming a defining feature once it has been removed from a design!  It is as though we have become so immune to handle design that we only begin to notice its influence when it’s no longer there. 


Surface mounted door furniture is an obvious design feature which can sometimes be overlooked by designers who may undervalue the opportunity to use the aesthetic power of handles.


A well chosen handle can become a subtle design thread that can pull a concept together, creating connections between colour texture and light and encouraging artistic preferences to shine.  Many material combinations are readily available within the field of handle design including metal, glass, bone and leather allowing colour, texture and form to be specifically manipulated to complement the surrounding cabinetry.

But in many instances clients can undervalue the cost of the lowly handles participation in the process.  Individual costs may be small but the collective price of involvement can become considerable.  Most kitchens will need around 20-30 handles with larger, more complex designs demanding quantities in excess of 60 or 70.  You don’t have to choose something excessive to see how the numbers can begin to rack up.

The handle less kitchen however has been celebrating the demise of door furniture for many years with consumers buying into the idea that a streamlined, linear design can help to encourage an organised domestic existence and allow them to project an efficient and capable demeanour to envious friends and family.

But while every door must have a mechanism for entry, contemporary design has managed to re-classify the kitchen by simply reversing the position of the handle.  Integrating a linear finger grip cavity into a kitchen carcass design removes the need for surface mounted door furniture and allows designers to punctuate their designs with flowing and unbroken handle lines.  In many ways this method of kitchen design is a little misleading as the handle-less kitchen actually incorporates a handle as the defining feature of the design.  For a kitchen truly be described as being handle-less you must embrace technology.

Servo-drive is and electrically operated opening support system for doors and drawers which allows kitchen designers and their clients to submerge themselves within a minimal World where touch sensitive activation can deliver a gratifying appreciation of linear design and unrivalled functional performance for the user.

Handles are ergonomically designed to fit the human hand but with Servo-drive you can open doors and drawers with just about any part of the human body leaving your hands free to multi-task.  Servo-drive is a dream for designers as it allows doors and drawers to merge with the cabinetry in a very seamless way allowing super contemporary forms to be created and linear design to be celebrated. 


How will you open the door to your functional future?!