Hand painted kitchen with automated table Armagh NI

The foundation of this design was developed by considering entry point sightlines and planning the functional and social patterns of movement within the space.

A remotely operated linear actuator was used to extend a curved table which was embedded in the island. A crush failsafe provided maximum safety whilst retracting.  This feature along with a detailed zoning plan delivered ergonomic and functional efficiency, helping to fulfil the brief whilst providing an additional wow factor to the design.

30mm thick in-framed tulipwood doors were hand painted to create a timeless look.  The curved solid oak doors with burr accents punctuated the design with hand cut stone providing continuity with the exterior architecture of the building.


The traditional finishes reflect the client’s desire for a timeless kitchen.  The elaborate mix of textures, layers and curves create interest. Visual hooks were embedded along entry point sight lines with the automated table and lighting creating an additional sensory layer within the design.

Innovation is not exclusive to contemporary design! This design fuses traditional artisan craftsmanship with technology to solve a problem, exceed expectations and provide design evolution.