Luxury Kitchen Design

The term luxury can mean many things too many people but in general it represents something that is aspirational and desirable.  A luxury product can display qualities that enhance pleasure whilst allowing a unique level of personal indulgence that helps to re-enforce self image and social position.


The true meaning of luxury is relative to individual circumstances but if you had an endless budget at your disposal and you were in the market for a new kitchen what should you expect from the top end of the kitchen industry.

The key components for any luxury kitchen are time and detail.  To create a luxury kitchen it must be considered in detail which of course takes time.  Many luxury kitchen designers will spend days and even weeks considering a space and the people who will live within it before the kitchen design process starts in earnest.  To conceptualise something from nothing takes skill and experience and it is the investment in this design process that can really lay the corner stone to a luxury kitchen. 

The consideration of an individual design and the painstaking personalisation of a concept to complement someone’s life can deliver uniqueness and individuality.  In a world where mass produced products are readily available to everyone the idea of having something designed and manufactured from a blank page position to suit your every whim immediately makes is rare.  And with this perception of rarity comes the kind of value that can make a kitchen luxurious.

The rarity of a product can be both intellectual and physical with some consumers valuing the name of the artist or designer above the physical specification of the product.  Owning a luxury kitchen that has originated from a recognised and respected source can instantly provide a symbolic edge to an installation allowing it to become on overt display of affluence and discerning style.

However many luxury kitchens have a splattering of both intellectual and product value with clients using the skill and design prowess of a recognised designer to open the Pandora’s box of product possibilities. 

The use of exotic materials and labour intensive processes can ensure a luxurious finish with hand finished veneers, precious stones and time spent researching and development something unique adding to the prestige of a product.

The use of artisan techniques and quality materials will ensure that a product is future proofed and durable which in turn can add value to a kitchen design making it a key feature within the home and something that can be cherished for years to come.

All of this costs money and the bottom line price of kitchen design can instantly become the most obvious indicator to luxury.  Kitchens today are recognised as a key design influencer allowing personal style and stylistic preference to be openly displayed through the medium of functional furniture.

Think of your kitchen as a functional mannequin that can be individually tailored to suit your style, your family and your budget. Be consumed by the design process as this will deliver results and help to unlock the limits of your imagination.  By doing this you will find luxurious satisfaction at every level and you might not have to break the Bank.

Article by Darren Morgan for "The Kitchen Think"