Contemporary Kitchen Gilford


The client wanted a kitchen that expressed their passion for contemporary design and architecture asking specifically for a walk in larder and some casual seating.  Whilst they appreciated the ergonomic attributes of high level units they wanted to exclude them from the design.   The architecture presented a long and narrow space punctuated by several key entry points and a small room of to one side.  These features dictated the movement throughout the space.    Given the restrictive width of the architecture a peninsula island allowed functionality to be optimised by creating more storage and worktop space, it also presented an opportunity to create visual impact and artistic interest along various entry point sight lines.  The peninsula island also helped to define the functional position of the kitchen and the social interface between the kitchen and living space.

The peninsula comprises of a monolithic block of cabinetry wrapped in Dekton Aura worktops which were book matched to create a solid and authentic feel.   The peninsula was then purposefully imbalanced with the introduction of a cantilevered cabinetry counter weight which was given a wrap-around floating breakfast bar.  Each element provided structural support to the other and their relationship helped to create a subtle but powerful aesthetic influence over a space that embraced simplicity and was reflective of the brief.   The brief dictated that tall units should not be included; in order to meet this demand and deliver uncompromised functional performance I decided to soften the relationship between the main kitchen and the small adjoining room.  A tall unit penetrates the wall between both rooms allowing the bulk of the structure to be concealed inside the smaller room and allowing a picture frame oven housing to be created on the kitchen side.   The larder design absorbed and camouflaged the tall unit with a unique shelving arrangement providing a significant distraction.   The shelves were tapered and arranged at opposing angles from top to bottom creating visual interest and allowing taller items to be stored on the deeper parts of the shelves.  The look was enhanced and made structurally sound by introducing vertical supports that were offset along two planes.   A detailed 3D model of this area was created to ensure everything fitted perfectly allowing the oven housing to breach the wall to a precise depth.

The introduction of a void and lighting around the perimeter of the canopy provided a floating appearance.  Colour matching the canopy to the surrounding wall softened its aesthetic impact at eye level.   The design features copper and grey washed oak finishes as well as Dekton Aura worktops, integrated lighting and custom made chrome breakfast bar supports.