The Butterfly Effect

The modern World can deliver choice at the touch of a button providing an endless amount of fathomless information that can sifted though and considered by any wannabe kitchen shopper.  The kitchen showroom of today is now spilling out of the high street and is rocketing down the information super highway at breakneck speed.  So finding the perfect kitchen in a World that is suffering from information overload and in an industry which is sales volume driven can be seen as a daunting task.  Finding clarity and direction is paramount to the success of your project as the choices you end up making will have a profound effect on your life.


The kitchen design “butterfly effect” is a phenomenon which embraces the idea that every decision taken while designing your new kitchen has the power to create influence in the future.   And the Kitchen Design Butterfly effect reaches way beyond how the kitchen looks, probing deeper to find a state of harmony where the final kitchen design provides equilibrium and opportunity within the lives that revolve around it.   

A good kitchen design should be centred on the user, their family, their habits and their lifestyle, if your final design understands you it will steer the butterfly effect in a positive direction.  The functional planning of the kitchen is a key element in this process as it provides a unique insight into the humans who occupy the space. 

One positive example of the kitchen design butterfly effect is when a kitchen user feels empowered to cook; if their new kitchen has been designed specifically for them it can provide tailored efficiency with practical reassurance and harmony.  This new found desire to use the kitchen may then encourage the user to entertain more and ultimately lead to a surge in opportunities within their home and working life.  So deciding to spend a little time focusing on the design of your new kitchen may encourage you to cook more, eat more healthily, communicate more fluidly with your family and you might even gain a promotion by asking your boss around for dinner!

The flip side of this is when the complexity of kitchen design is not considered properly.  Unconsidered or rushed design my cause instances of negativity by discouraging sociability and cooking activities and may even give cause for financial regret.

The butterfly effect is also style driven allowing the kitchen to become the epicentre of your design choices.  The aesthetic and style choices made for your new kitchen and which are layered on to a focused functional plan may influence the type of house or extension you build, the type of flooring you choose and the colour of paint you pick.


Purchasing a new kitchen may initially seem easy, like going to buy a car.  The difference is that your car will sit in your garage or on the street your kitchen will live inside your house impacting on everything you do.  Making sure you get the design right is a crucial part of developing a positively charged butterfly effect!