The List

There are some among us who have the uncanny ability to obliviously drift through the festive season without a care in the World, finding themselves able to enjoy good food, great company and copious amounts of alcoholic refreshment as though it had all just arrived through the letter box in a pop up Christmas card. 

There is however others amongst us who have become burdened with the task of creating Christmas magic, those who have become the silent custodians of festive cheer and the unassuming guardians of “The List”!



“The List” is something unique to each festive guardian and can only be described as an evolving inventory of consumables and functional items that will be required to make Christmas happen for each and every family.  Guardians of “The List” will most likely set up a “Christmas Control Room” in what was previously known as the family kitchen for the other 11 months of the year.  This festive command centre can allow ”The List” to be formulated in very different ways. 

If a kitchen is architecturally isolated and detached from the main social area of the house it may be considered a gastronomic bunker where The Guardian’s architectural incarceration forces them to work alone.  These culinary foxholes usually display signs of functional chaos with consumable items becoming ensnared by other functional zones and where preparation space is considered a valuable commodity amid a legion of clutter.    But despite this functional disharmony the many years of solitary confinement away from the seasonal banter will have honed “The Guardian’s” ability to formulate “The List”.  There is no explanation or reasoning to how organisation manifests itself in an un-functional kitchen but somehow years of getting it wrong can somehow make it right. 

Other Guardians are more fortunate and will set up their gastronomic sorties from more centralised and socially welcoming positions.  Many open plan kitchens will enjoy commanding views of the events of Christmas day and may have had their functionality tailored in such a way so as to pre-determine the creation of “The List”.  If the internal, functional composition of a kitchen is built around the workflow patterns of the user and then merged into the surrounding architecture it will help to deliver natural organisation.  An open plan design may also help “The Guardian” to invite not only conversation and festive cheer but possibly some help as well! 

Once “The List” has been created “The Guardian” will liquidate their assets, don protective clothing and venture into the commercial wilderness.  Upon their return “The List” will have transformed itself into a sea of shopping bags all lined up on the floor in the hope of adequate storage. 

Only years of getting it wrong or a little thought about getting it right will determine how each item of shopping will be stored.  An organised and carefully planned kitchen will allow “The Guardian” to create a functionally acute mental map of their kitchen and make it easy for list items to be stored and then found, even amid the pressure of Christmas entertaining!  A disorganised and functionally cluttered kitchen may have you rifling around the un-emptied shopping bags while you wonder how you managed to forgot the tin foil and the turkey.