The Narcissistic Kitchen – in praise of Aster Cucine

The primary function of the kitchen stretches back to the dawn of humanity when primitive communities gathered around fires to consume the spoils of their hunt.   Throughout the millennia the basic need to prepare and eat food encouraged the development of a cooking space we now call the kitchen.

The development of the kitchen also had an impact on the evolutionary development of our species, creating a communal area to eat, which in turn encouraged speech and the development of social skills, cementing the norms and values of our society. Thankfully the appliances used to prepare our meals have become much more sophisticated and our ingredients are now more sanitised, collected from well lit supermarket aisles, but the basic function of the kitchen remains the same.

However, modern kitchen design is now an indulgent experience, an experience that calls on all kinds of personal experiences and fashionable preferences, an experience that facilitates the creation of something that is unique to us, a modern reflection of all that we desire and of where we aspire to be.  The Modern Kitchen can actually be seen as a functional embodiment of social power and intimate taste.


So enter the Domina range from Aster Cucine a perfect example of the imaginative influence being released in the development of contemporary kitchen designs today.  Domina oozes feminine curves and an inviting essence that harnesses practical design theories allowing the space to become ergonomically efficient and family friendly.

There is something more here though.  The option of a stainless steel door embraces a narcissistic quality that perfectly reflects the mood of the 21st century kitchen buyer.  There is an appreciation here that the kitchen is not just a functional cooking space but that it has become an outward expression of personal tastes and style.

The Domina range also understands that the modern kitchen is a social environment with options for curved informal seating areas that encourage eye contact and informal conversation.  The series of curves available within the range also allow the imagination to be satisfied, exploring possibilities that are not influenced by the surrounding architecture.

This design is one step upon an evolutionary path that has seen the kitchen traverse the void between functional requirement and holistic gratification.  The kitchen of today has become an important centre piece to our living environment and the Domina Range by Aster Cucine sits as a proud example of how style can embrace function.