To Design

To design is to imagine beyond what is already available, to create something unique that has a purpose or solves a problem.  To design is to create something beautiful that has been subjectively sculpted from experience and a desire to enrich the lives of those occupying the world around us.


Kitchen design should not be subjected to the boundaries inflicted by a compartmentalised legacy, an historical time line that has managed to categorise the kitchen into a harem of boxes, a potential cabinetry infestation that has been surrounded by oppressive architecture and banished to the outer reaches of home life!  

Kitchen design presents an opportunity to express our ideas, solve our problems, showcase our personal style and ultimately make our home life better.  Kitchen design has become a liberated social experiment that allows art, function, architecture and sociology to merge into a focused analysis of who we are, what we like and who we aspire to be! 

Personal aspirations drive design, allowing the subjective desires of the client to be formulated into a brief which is then used to inspire the creative living amongst us.   This brief allows embryonic thoughts to develop, which are nurtured in order to harness the most positive elements within them.  Some elements are considered and then dismissed based on personal appraisal and design experience and finally over time an idea becomes moulded into a client specific reality that fulfils basic requirement and exceeds expectations.


Valuing this process is important because that is the difference between buying some boxes that happen to be functional and buying a kitchen that can deliver satisfaction on every level.