Window to the soul

The kitchen, a functional interface or a window to the soul!  This dramatic statement gives credence to notion that buying a new kitchen can be a daunting experience.  As you take your first tentative steps into the world of kitchen design, armed only with a wheel barrow full of magazines, scrap books and web addresses you are resolute in your determination to find your dream kitchen.  


But as you load the kids, pram and wheel barrow into the car, heading out into the jet stream of ideas and products, what do you need to know and who should you believe.  Arriving at your first destination you find your pupils dilating, your heart rate increasing and your palms getting sweaty.  The kitchen showroom is a glitzy world where dreams become reality and the choices you make can influence your life for years to come.  A smartly dressed sales person makes an approach and before you know it you are actually doing it, you’re buying a new kitchen.

Throw away the dictionary, because kitchen designers speak a different language.  You become engulfed in jargon that mesmerises the mind; words like ergonomics, holistic design and functionality reduce you to a pliable, pre-sold consumer who is trundling along the conveyer belt of kitchen sales.   But you’re not just any consumer, you are looking for something different, something that will make your life better, have your neighbours and friends drooling with envy and will deliver a quiet reassurance that you have received value for money. 

So where should the search for your dream kitchen actually begin.  The real answer lies within each and every one of us.  We are all different, have different types of lives and different priorities.  Some people like to cook, others eat on the run.  Some people like to entertain, others don’t.  And just like art, fashion and music the aesthetic choices we make will be personal, driven by our social background, experiences and aspirations.

Kitchen design toady is a fast paced melting pot of ideas but if you are clear about what you want to achieve, building your design upon a functional foundation which complements how your life, you will have laid the corner stone to your dream kitchen.  Upon the corner stone of functionality you can now build a cathedral of aesthetic empowerment which can deliver social adoration and personal satisfaction for many years to come.


Happy hunting!