Classical Kitchen Belfast Elegance

This luxurious property in Belfast Co Antrim demanded a fantastic kitchen design - a classical kitchen design with loads of unique design features. The contemporary kitchen design worked on many levels for a wonderful bespoke kitchen. The client wanted a multifunctional, family friendly space with extraordinary kitchen design features that exuded quality and style. Timeless individuality and subdued opulence defined the brief.

The foundation of the kitchen design was developed by using entry point sightlines, and considering the functional and social patterns of movement within the space.

Although the property was a newly built and of considerable size the kitchen was long and narrow with an offset alcove to one side.  The kitchen had limited wall space for tall cabinetry and the narrowness of the room was compounded by the kitchen becoming a natural junction between the main entry points and all other areas of the house.

The kitchen island shape is designed to complement movement within the kitchen.  The island is designed to flow seamlessly away from the main entry point to provide additional space for the family to enter and disperse throughout the house. The soft geometry used on the kitchen island aids movement around the kitchen avoiding architectural nip points and allowing functional eddies to be created.

The kitchen design considered multiple sight lines within the space with the island curvature being used to deliver a strong visual impact from various angles with multiple visual hooks being presented along each sightline to maximise the aesthetic impact.  The elaborate mix of textures, layers and curves become intertwined into a fluid and approachable preparation space with the complexity of the island design helping to dissolve the physical length and narrowness of the room.

The inclusion of a 4 oven Aga and 1200mm wide fridge freezer meant that wall space become very limited.  A microwave was recessed into the wall to the left of the Aga cooker to enhance the cooking experience whilst removing the need for tall cabinetry.  To avoid imbalance around the fridge housing a full height curved glass unit was added.  This unit created equilibrium with the larder to the left of the fridge by making the wall to the right of the fridge appear longer.  The use of a curved glass unit created enough presence to balance the fridge housing whilst creating an unobtrusive and ambient connection with the living room area.

The small alcove area was developed into a multifunctional entertainment area complete with coffee machine, wine coolers and illuminated wine racks.  The kitchen cabinetry also provided auxiliary larder storage.  Altogether this exquisite bespoke kitchen located in a leafy Belfast suburb exceeded the clients expectations.