Classical Painted Banbridge

The owners of this new build property just outside Banbridge wanted a homely, child friendly contemporary kitchen design that would provide style longevity but also deliver an immediate visual impact, the type of stylish wow factor normally associated with contemporary kitchen design.

To provide the client with a casual gathering area for culinary and social exchange while entertaining – the kitchen design incorporated a raised drum unit.  The softer geometry means that this feature is easy to approach and the elevated height means that wine glasses and bottles are out of the children’s reach.  Due to the width of the room it was important that this feature did not project past the natural footprint of the island but still acted as a visual hook.  The introduction of a lighter contrasting material which is bled into the walnut by using small painted ivory drawers means that the walnut is not overpowering and the visual effect is gradual. This effect is reversed on the drum unit with the introduction of walnut chopping boards.

The drum unit also acts as a visual counterweight to the raised seated section on the kitchen island, introducing some contemporary asymmetrical styling to the kitchen design. The curved feature also camouflages the sink area so that it cannot be seen from the dining room or the entrance hallway. To complement the contrast between the walnut and ivory doors, two handle types were used. These included simple chrome T-bar handles on the walnut and designer handles wrapped in bridle leather for the ivory doors.

Part of the specification included a 1200mm-wide Westin downdraft complete with SEM 8 supercharged motor