Contemporary Kitchen Kilkenny

The client wanted a multifunctional, family friendly kitchen with extraordinary design features that satisfied the couples opposing preferences for linear design and contoured shapes. The couple specifically requested two separate seating areas in the kitchen, one for family dining and entertaining respectively.

The clients approached me at an advanced stage in the build which meant that the under floor heating and floor had been finished without provision being made for services. The late planning by the clients and subsequent lack of services hampered design options for the kitchen and threatened the success of the project.

A kitchen peninsula was used to fluidly explore and maximise the functional and social potential of the expansive architectural space while providing a solution for the lack kitchen services. Functionality laid the foundation to the kitchen design with aesthetics, sociability, entertainment and holistic layers being introduced to create a complex blend of practicality and style that was tailored around the user.

The final kitchen design considered multiple sight lines within the space and presented multiple visual hooks that could be picked up from various angles, enhancing the visual impact of the design and shielding functional processes from view.

The kitchen island became the medium for artistic and functional expression. The elaborate mix of textures, layers and curves become intertwined into a fluid and approachable preparation space. Feature pods were used to invite social loitering and define the social side of the kitchen.

A trench was created in the worktop and given removable storage to enhance functionality, provide visual definition and limit the impact of worktop joints. The varying height of feature elements enhances the impact achieved from the complex mix of materials, geometry and architecture. Lighting provides a holistic element to the kitchen design, offering flexibility in an open plan setting and encouraging the feeling of calm.