Luxury Kitchen Armagh

We were instructed to refurbish an existing kitchen and specifically asked for a design that would be airy and modern to include some “wow factor” features to satisfy the very precise tastes of this design savvy client. 

We were told to use the ovens from the old kitchen, to include a large island with seating and to create a visually attractive feature around the main entrance doorway.

We initially extended the mezzanine introducing a bulkhead above the window area which obscured the top of the units from above and this allowed mood up-lighting and task lighting to be introduced. 

The junction between the new bulk head and Mezzanine created a natural break between the entrance door and the kitchen and we used this to define our approach.

A large solid ash pivot door was introduced to enhance the existing entrance. The angular solid ash frame was designed to absorb the angular nature of the surrounding architecture and its design considered the existing entrance and door head position with the precise pivoting position being calculated to work within these parameters.

The existing under floor heating meant that a conventional pivot system couldn’t be introduced into the floor so we sourced a specialised system that could be concealed within the door which needed only an 8mm protrusion into the floor. 

The aesthetic impact of the pivot door was balanced with the inclusion of a matching solid ash barn door on the opposite side of the room with a solid ash tambour door helping to balance the look whilst providing the client with a small appliance garage. 

The island was designed with simplicity in mind with subtle hidden layers helping to deliver impact.

The waterfall worktops create a monolithic presence from various angles which is purposefully contradicted by using heavily chamfered edges along the front of the island to create a floating appearance. The holistic impact is enhanced further by detaching the cabinetry from all surrounding surfaces and including LED lighting which can create a glowing effect at night.

The inclusion of a custom made Gutmann Abajo extraction system delivers unobtrusive functionality enhancing the look further. 

The recessed grip handles were made from solid ash and designed to punctuate the design in a unique way, purposefully falling short of the door lengths and penetrating through into the tall cabinetry from the low level units. This required gables, doors and handles to be individually specified to create the look.

Some of the drawer fronts were oversized so as to conceal the large filler required to absorb the angles presented by the walls.

Blum Legrabox drawers and inserts were carefully programmed to deliver functional performance and these drawers helped to deliver a crisp and contemporary interior finish.