Oak and Ivory Kitchen Armagh

The client wanted a multifunctional, family friendly space with extraordinary design features that exuded quality and style. The design considered multiple sight lines within the space with the island curvature being used to deliver a strong visual impact from various angles with multiple visual hooks being presented along each sightline to maximise the aesthetic impact. The elaborate mix of textures, layers and curves become intertwined into a fluid and approachable preparation space with the complexity of the island design helping to dissolve the physical length and architectural restrictions of the room.

Warm oak textures are used to extenuate the soft painted tones of this classically styled kitchen with burr oak adding depth and interest to the visual hooks that have been placed along the key entry point sightlines. Natural stone cladding was introduced to the front of the island to complement the exterior architecture of the building and provide a cohesive continuity to the design.

But beneath this unassuming facade lurks some innovative thinking. At the touch of a button a fully automated table glides effortlessly from the island, increasing the table area available and maximising the potential of the space. The flexibility provided by the remotely activated feature allows the kitchen to adapt to the diverse requirements of modern living whilst removing the spatial influence of an independent kitchen table.

This kitchen helps to bridge the gap between classical and contemporary design by using classically styled aesthetics to camouflage the technological prowess need to create a shape shifting kitchen. The kitchen is from the Designer Kitchen by Morgan Collection and has been constructed from 30mm thick solid oak and tulipwood in-framed doors. All of the painted finishes have been carefully finished by hand with the stone cladding being painstakingly installed by Designer Kitchen by Morgan's artisan stone mason. All of the drawers are solid oak with a dove tail design and the island, which features the automated table, has been specifically designed to suit the needs of the client and the surrounding architecture.

For more information contact: Designer Kitchen by Morgan, 4 Upper Darkley Road Keady, Co Armagh BT60 3RE - Serving all of the UK and Ireland.