Oak and Ivory Painted

The brief dictated a timeless kitchen with classical styling, a signature design that would bear the weight of influence within an expansive architectural space.  The client wanted a multifunctional, family friendly space with extraordinary design features. Individuality and subdued opulence defined the brief.

With only an embryonic architectural plan as a guide the brief spilled out far beyond the kitchen furniture allowing us to create complementary architectural and design features throughout the property with every minute detail being developed and evolved with the clients over a two year period.  This was no ordinary project; this was a labour of love.

Carefully considered proportions helped to dissolve the cavernous architectural space with the warmth of oak, soft paint finishes and warm light helping to create a cosy and welcoming atmosphere.

The entry point sightlines and the functional and social patterns of movement throughout the space where fundamental to the development of this design allowing unique features to be developed that would deliver the opulent impact required by the brief.

30mm thick in-framed tulipwood doors were hand painted to create a timeless look.  Curved solid oak doors with burr accents punctuate the design with the cornice and book matched veneered panel to the front of the island providing continuity.

The island acts as a social interface providing the opportunity for social interaction.  The shape, scale and position of the island help to create a subtle spatial boundary allowing the architectural proportions to appear reduced and the functionality of the entire space to become defined.

The bow shaped island curves away from the complementary curved cabinetry along the back wall and out towards the open plan room with two solid oak in-framed cylindrical units defining each side of the island.

The soft geometry creates a welcoming flow throughout the space with the burr oak, pronounced plinth and elevated appearance of the cylindrical units creating strong visual hooks along multiple entry point sight lines.  These visual hooks draw the onlooker into the kitchen encouraging social loitering and human interaction.

The front of the kitchen island is bridged with an elevated section which helps to shield functional processes from view; the introduction of an illuminated panel of book matched oak veneer and casual seating encourages the colours and textures of the kitchen to melt into each other with adjustable lighting adding an holistic element to the design.

The quality of this kitchen is emphasised by the inclusion of a full height curved pantry larder complete with slide away pocket doors, sensor activated lighting and full height revolving storage.  A birch plywood carcass complete with solid oak dovetail drawers and inserts is complemented by the luxury of Silestone Phoenix worktops and mirrored finishes. The inclusion of a ceiling well, up-lighting and plaster ceiling coving punctuates the expansive ceiling giving the kitchen focus and helping to emphasise the stature of this design.