Modern Angular Kitchen

The angular layout of the architecture was ultimately used as inspiration for the design.

A wall mounted water boiler presented a fixed point on the right hand side of the back wall so I decided that the design should have a “heavy side” and a ”light side” with the tall cabinetry being softened and dissolved as it moved along the back wall from right to left.  The cabinet depth was gradually reduced from right to left climaxing with a long dropped window which flooded the kitchen with light.

The island was created to embrace the angular nature of the room.  The client wanted something really different so I created an island that levitates on one side allowing all of the visual weight to teeter upon an angular walnut support that appears to have eroded and removed the entire corner of the monolithic island. 

The angular walnut support has been fitted with lighting voids that allow light to wash the cabinetry and the quartz waterfall gable at night.  We also fitted a unique mirrored plinth and LED lighting to the underside of the island to enhance the floating appearance.   

The main body of the island is positioned to run parallel with the back wall with an angular walnut overhang being positioned to run parallel to the opposing living room wall, this arrangement gives the onlooker perspective and allows the opposing angles to merge and visually make sense. 

In order to maximise the storage a double party larder was introduced.  The larder has been partially wrapped in an illuminated walnut frame.

We also created a set of custom made walnut doors that are sound proofed and lockable; this adds balance to the overall design and allows the living room to find connection with the kitchen.