Number 6

The client was adding a contemporary extension onto their Victorian property when they approached us.  They wanted their new open plan kitchen, dining room and living space to reflect this fusion of architectural styles whilst delivering a subtle art deco atmosphere.

In order to maximise the potential of the space the larger appliance housings were positioned along the shorter walls, allowing them to “snug” behind the supporting pillars and become less obtrusive.  This allowed the main cooking and preparation zones to be centralised along the back wall where we included a large curved mantle.

In order to create the illusion of depth mirrored wall panels with subtle art deco detailing were positioned either side of the mantle, these merged with appliance garages fitted with contrasting roller doors on each adjacent wall.  

The island peninsula creates a functional and social interface allowing the kitchen to escape its architectural confines, allowing the curved cabinetry to reach into the open plan space.  An elevated cylinder unit provides an approachable contrasting feature that encourages social loitering and provides a visual hook from multiple sight lines.  

A black ebony drinks unit completes the cabinetry transition from kitchen to living space.  This is a unique feature and has been fitted with mirrored mitred frames, art deco door inlays and mirrored plinth. 

A custom TV unit provides a cabinetry counterweight within the room, providing equilibrium with the space and creating a focal point for the family.  The window to the left side of the TV is counterbalanced with the introduction of feature mirror complete with a unique art deco inlay to the right.  Mitred mirrored frames, open shelves with mirrored backs, complete with inlays, sliding ebony doors and Silestone wall cladding delivers stunning visual impact on this side of the room. 

In order to absorb the varied ceiling heights, we created a ceiling well in the living room which matches the roof light above the kitchen.  We designed and supplied all lighting effects to maximise the holistic effect and fitted a bespoke entrance door into the room. 

The client wanted us to create an inspirational space for their family and it would seem that the evolutionary fusion of styles used in this design exceeded their expectations.